BEAM Alliance

BEAM Alliance central vacuum systems have been intuitively designed with the consumer in mind, and are our most powerful central vacuum systems with 30% more cleaning performance than BEAM Serenity.

The exclusive BEAM Alliance Interface allows the power unit and hose handle to communicate with each other, giving you more control of your central vacuum system.

BEAM Alliance Features

Smart Screen Technology

Alliance offers 3 Smart Screen Technology levels, Advanced, Intelligent and Simple, so you know that information is flowing between the hose handle and the power unit.

Fingertip Controls

Fingertip controls allow you to easily adjust the amount of suction and turn the brushroll and the power switch on/off at the touch of a button.

Quick Clean Valve

Opens easily with one touch. Makes it easy to clean in and around your garage or car, or wherever your power unit is located. There is no need for additional valves.

Press & Release Bucket

Press any two opposite points on the bucket ring, and pull down to release the bucket for emptying. Lift the bucket back into place for a secure connection.

HEPA Exhaust Filtration

Standard on Alliance 700TC, HEPA Exhaust Filtration captures 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns and provides the highest level of protection from dust mites, pollen and pet dander.

Self Cleaning Filter

Exclusive BEAM Self-Cleaning Filter with GORE technology filters 98% of particles down to 0.3 microns while it protects and prolongs motor life. No need to ever purchase a filter bag or clean your filter.

Double-D Nozzle

The Double-D Nozzle improves airflow and cleaning performance while decreasing noise from the hose handle.

3-in-One Cleaning Tool

Stored conveniently on the underside of the telescopic wand, the 3-in-1 cleaning tool easily transforms from a dusting brush to a crevice tool or a fabric tool.

Meet The Family


HEPA air filtration makes this our top-of-the-line central vacuum system. Intelligently designed to combine ultimate cleaning power with convenience and Interactive Smart Screen technology.


From the Intelligent Smart Screen to the Press & Release Bucket, this quiet, powerful central vacuum system offers intuitive operation and simplified cleaning to help manage the cleaning of large homes.


This compact, powerful central vacuum system combines high performance cleaning with convenient features and is ideal for standard-size to large homes.


This space-saving, central vacuum system brings conveniece and powerful cleaning to smaller spaces. Ideal for townhomes and condos, it offers more cleaning power than most top-of-the line central vacs.

Alliance Q Cleaning Set

Offers three-level height adjustment, on/off brushroll, variable speed control, 2-way communication from hose handle to power unit, 13" Premium Bare Floor Brush, 3-in-1 Cleaning Tool and a hose hanger.

Alliance Solaire Cleaning Set

Offers variable speed control, 2-way communication between the hose handle and the power unit, chrome telescopic wand, on-board 3-in-1 Cleaning Tool and on/off brushroll from the hose handle.

Alliance Air Cleaning Set

Clean all surfaces with the brush on/off pedal, variable speed control, 2-way communication from hose handle to power unit, telescopic wand, 13" Bare Floor Brush, 3-in-1 Cleaning Tool and a hose hanger.